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The Oxford Cyber Academy is dedicated to promoting a culture of awareness & proactive compliance in the fields of cyber and data security and the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

Our goal is to provide and facilitate expert knowledge-sharing and essential research into these and other disciplines and to deliver the highest quality learning via our professionally designed and accredited courses.

We are building our portfolio of online courses throughout the coming year and you can find details on this website together with details of our quality courses and expert consultancy and research services, all from the menu at the top of this page.

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OCA Swapping screens for sport project

Our joint Olympics backed initiative to get you out from behind your screens and into the exciting world of discovering and enjoying a sport  see here to learn more

Iranian and Russian hackers targeting politicians and journalists

The National Cyber Security Centre has issued a fresh alert about increasing attempts to steal information from specific groups and individuals.

NCSC said the hackers usually target those doing research and work about Iran and Russia.

It described the hacking groups as "ruthless" in pursuing their targets.

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Light at the end of the tunnel
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Getting back to normal...

Plans are still being made for our eventual return to face to face as well as online course teaching so will will be announcing these in the coming weeks.



Cyber security is not just about hardware and software. Successful management of cyber risk involves every part of the organisation in developing effective processes.



Extremes of machine intelligence and their ability to replicate human thinking rely upon how closely they can understand and apply the holistic process of A I.



At OCA, our legal team has the knowledge and experience to advise and guide our clients on national and international data issues around the globe.

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