The Oxford Cyber Academy is dedicated to promoting a culture of awareness & proactive compliance in the fields of cyber and data security and the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

Our goal is to provide and facilitate expert knowledge-sharing and essential research into these and other disciplines and to deliver the highest quality learning via our professionally designed and accredited courses.

We are building our portfolio of online courses throughout the coming year and you can find details on this website together with details of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accredited courses  and expert consultancy and research services, all from the menu at the top of this page.

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Actors launch campaign against AI 'show stealers'
Equity, the performing arts workers union, has launched a new campaign, "Stop AI Stealing the Show".
AI can use samples of an actor's voice or face, to generate content including so-called "deep fakes".
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New OCA webinar recording
Available now!  The recording of our 8th OCA Webinar, Dealing with Disaster, with Richard Knowlton and Prof Siraj Shaikh of Coventry University on our webinar page
OCA's summer ahead...
After more than a year in the making and delivering a successful conference in Abu Dhabi in 2021, we are soon to announce our summer programme launch for 2022 for overseas students. More details on this and our other exciting projects for this year and beyond will be here soon. So.... make sure you come back!
Light at the end of the tunnel
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Getting back to normal...

Our online courses will be hybridised with a welcome return to face-to-face lectures, workshops and presentations in 2022.


We will also be launching our first international, residential summer course, welcoming delegates to Oxford as part of our new, continuing education programme.



Cyber security is not just about hardware and software. Successful management of cyber risk involves every part of the organisation in developing effective processes.



Extremes of machine intelligence and their ability to replicate human thinking rely upon how closely they can understand and apply the holistic process of A I.



At OCA, our legal team has the knowledge and experience to advise and guide our clients on national and international data issues around the globe.

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Continuing Professional Development offers learning for professionals to develop and enhance their abilities, providing the facility to maintain and sustain a competitive advantage.