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an introduction to

artificial intelligence

innovate   inform   inspire


This non-technical course explains the meaning behind common AI terminology, including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, and data science.


What AI realistically can and cannot do, how to spot opportunities to
apply AI to problems in one’s organisation and to understand at a high level how to build machine learning and applied data science solutions.

Written and presented by

Dr Sepideh Chakaveh


Senior Academic Advisor at Oxford Cyber Academy, Dr Chakaveh's reputation precedes her. She is Course Director and University Examiner in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, at the Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford and also the CEO & Founder of Pixsellar Technologies, a Big Data Video Analytics Start-up company. Sepi is a key member of the OCA team and her in-demand courses are dynamic and focused, sharing knowledge for students at all levels of experience and qualification.

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