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We have a bespoke Compliance consultancy and support service available to meet the needs of business, large or small. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs or for advice on compliance issues.

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Oxford Cyber Academy

Research Programmes

Covering aspects of Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Media Technology, OCA are an active forum for consultation and for research and development both within and beyond these subject and study criteria.

Working with our partner organisations, we can provide the skilled personnel and expertise to assist and facilitate specific research programmes and conferences and their appropriately curated outcomes.

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OCA to design and deliver the education initiatives for the UAE50 Conference and Research Programme for Oxford Commission on Constitutions (OCC) in Abu Dhabi

Oxford Cyber Academy is working with NYU Abu Dhabi through its research wing, The Oxford Commission on Constitutions (OCC), to deliver an ambitious programme of research and education initiatives. The programme, UAE50, will kick off in November this year with a 2 day international conference followed by a three-year research programme.


The programme will also design and deliver educational projects featuring residential, exchange and civic courses developed from aspects of Constitutional Law as well as our core subject specialisms.


We will also be putting together the 'Sands of Time' Project, bringing together the written, spoken and visual memories from the Abu Dhabi and wider UAE community and hosting them on a dedicated and interactive website, sharing the fascinating stories of how this region has grown from the humblest of origins to become the outstanding business community it is today.

To learn more, visit the website here

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