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Cyber Security

An Executive Introduction to Managing Digital Risk

You will learn how to accurately assess an organisation’s cyber risk profile, in
terms both of potential threats and also of governance structures, systems and process.


You will understand the range of implications for an organisation that come with legal requirements for compliance with standards and regulation.

You will appreciate how the introduction of new digital technologies brings new
challenges in cyber security.


At the end of the course, you will be prepared to support senior management decisions about the governance and mitigation of cyber risk.

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Course details

Taking the decision to assess and protect your organisation's cyber risk strategy is a vital step towards protecting the core values of your business and allying yourself to legal compliance requirements. This OCA course is designed to deliver what you need, embracing and delivering the very latest teaching content in a clear, concise and effective way.


Un'introduzione esecutiva alla gestione del rischio digitale

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