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Cybersecurity: 4 key areas that IT leaders need to address

Collaboration between organizations and even countries might be the only way to have a positive impact on cybercrime, according to one expert.

Ken Xie, founder, chairman of the board and CEO at Fortinet, does not pull any punches in his World Economic Forum commentary Four Key Challenges for Cybersecurity Leaders. He starts the post with these points:

  • Cybersecurity must be built into every product and system;

  • Achieving this will pose four challenges for business leaders; and

  • By overcoming them, we can create a truly protected digital world.

Xie stresses the need for cybersecurity to be part of the initial design. "Cybersecurity cannot be an add-on," suggests Xie. "Rather, it must be built into every product and system from the moment it is conceived."

Here's the full article from TECHREPUBLIC:

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