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OCA and CRA are teaming up!

The Oxford Cyber Academy and Cyber Risk Aware are teaming up to present a series of webinars...

These webinars will see thought-leaders from industry and academia addressing the problem of managing 'human risk'.

Our people are central to our organisations’ success and reputation. We have known for years that hackers target people before technology. For just as long, we have been repeating the mantra that a vigilant, cyber risk-aware workforce is our main defence against hacking.

Yet despite all our efforts, we have still not cracked the problem. Too many organisations still either ignore the “human factor” in organisational resilience or apply out-dated approaches to training their employees.

As a result, every day, in every organisation, people are making simple mistakes that allow cyber-criminals easy and lucrative access to our data.

We need a completely fresh look at this problem.

Our webinars – led by our Director of Security Studies, Richard Knowlton and Nick Wilding, Chief Innovation Officer of Cyber Risk Aware - will illustrate new insights from behavioural psychology and the experience of security managers.

Join us for our first webinar on “Security awareness – from theory to practice and doing more with less” with Charlie Powditch, Head of Security Education and Awareness at Willis Towers Watson, on Thursday 24th June at 11.30am. Register here or from our Webinars page

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