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Abbiamo a disposizione una consulenza su misura per la conformità e un servizio di supporto per soddisfare le esigenze delle aziende, grandi o piccole. Non esitate a contattarci per discutere le vostre esigenze specifiche o per consigli su questioni di conformità.

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Oxford Cyber Academy

Research Programmes

Covering aspects of Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Media Technology, OCA are an active forum for consultation and for research and development both within and beyond these subject and study criteria.

Working with our partner organisations, we can provide the skilled personnel and expertise to assist and facilitate specific research programmes and conferences and their appropriately curated outcomes.

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OCA welcomes the publication of the Study on the implementation of the new provisions in the revised Audio-visual Media Services Directive (AVMSD)

The Report is available here:

Since May last year Vrije Universiteit Brussels and Deloitte have been working on a study dealing with the implementation of the AVMSD.

The study focuses on three areas, corresponding to regulatory novelties of the AVMSD: video-sharing platforms (VSPs) media ownership rules and transparency, and overlays in audio-visual media services. For these areas, the study analyses market developments, business practices and technical approaches as well as legislative trends, including co- and self-regulatory initiatives. It covers the EU Member States and the UK, and includes case studies from Canada and the US (Study reference: SMART 2018/006)

OCA is proud to have been involved in collecting information from the stakeholders and in the partial drafting of the study.

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