'How to Choose a Sport' - an award winning publication

At OCA, we love cyber, of course we do, it can expand and improve our lives in so many ways, but we also champion the 'real world' and encourage our relationship with physical exercise and wellbeing, not to mention just having a great time!

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Already taken up by schools and sports clubs in Europe, this is a unique opportunity to purchase this superb book, supported by both the Olympic Committee and Fair Play.

No fewer than 47 sports expertly reviewed, with introductions by leading exponents, fascinating history and great advice on how and why to make your choice. See for yourself just how comprehensive this publication is and why so many young people have been encouraged to take up a new sport, better themselves physically and meet and make great new friends.

You can take advantage of the introductory price of £19.99 (Plus Postage) for the softcover version of this fantastic book, supported by the International Olympic Committee and UNESCO, by registering your interest using the form below. Your book will be signed by the author and, if you are buying the book as a gift for someone else, you can choose to have a motivational message included for them. (Or for yourself)

We'll contact you for payment as soon as the book is ready to send to you.

In the meantime, please click here to get a mini preview of just a few of the 47 sports covered by How to Choose a Sport and see for yourself just how good this encyclopedia is.


Choose a Sport

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Today's society is witnessing more and more of our younger generation being 'glued' to their screens. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops and pc's are robbing them of a balanced, socially integrated lifestyle where they can develop the range of interactive, interpersonal skills they will need to realise their true potential.

'Choose a Sport' is an award winning book by János Nagy, a Hungarian Olympic and European competition wrestler, that sets out to encourage young people to get away from their computers and mobiles and choose a sport to enjoy instead.   


'Young people need the benefits and values of sport more than ever. They need positive role models like the Olympians who have contributed to this encyclopaedia. This book will help the cause. Guiding young people to sport will improve and enrich their lives, and create future role models for the next generation.'

Mr. Thomas Bach
International Olympic Committee

'In this spirit, I am very pleased to see the birth of 'How to choose a sport' and its translation in multiple languages. Through a remarkable professional career, Mr János Nagy has shown remarkable leadership in providing guidance and inspiration for parents, adults, children and adolescents for their debut in sport. I hope that this publication will motivate many more to take part in sport, to stimulate enriching experiences for individuals, families and wider communities.'

Ms. Irina Bokova


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