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Internet cookie requests could be on their way out

The pop-up banners asking users permission to access certain data have become a familiar part of landing on a new website - but they could become far fewer.

The routine of clicking through numerous cookie requests on websites could become a thing of the past under government plans to change UK data laws. It would see the country move away from some parts of the EU's landmark GDPR legislation (General Data Protection Regulation) introduced three years ago.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said the UK needed "common sense" data laws after Brexit, rather than ones based on "box ticking".

He told The Daily Telegraph many cookie requests were "pointless".

Cookies are small files that websites put on your device and serve a variety of functions, for example being the main way companies can serve up targeted adverts based on what other sites you have used.

The pop-up banners asking users permission for cookies when landing on a new site have become a familiar part of internet use.

Mr Dowden said the data law changes would benefit Britain and end "pointless bureaucracy", reining in some of the GDPR requirements - which some say are onerous for smaller firms and organisations.

Read the full article from Sky news here:

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