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You can find details about (and how to register for) any of our webinars here. 

OCA has joined in partnership with Cyber Risk Aware to bring you the People Matter Webinar Series.

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We are excited to announce that Oxford Cyber Academy and Cyber Risk Aware are launching a new series of webinar discussions on human risk factors in cyber security.


Our ‘People Matter’ series will bring together leaders from business, security and academia to share challenges, lessons learnt and innovation to help any organisation develop new perspectives in this critical area of business resilience.


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Here are the recordings of all previous Webinars in this excellent series so far:

People Matter webinar series

1. Charlie Powditch Head of Security Education and Awareness at Willis Towers Watson

2. Liz Murray Security Culture and Awareness Lead at FNZ

3. Siȃn John MBE Director of SCI Strategic Growth Business Development at Microsoft

4. Ceri Goncalves-Jones Head of Security Awareness & Education at Nat West

Register for the sixth in our series of People Matter webinars. Details here soon.

5. Prof Phil Morgan of Cardiff University & Airbus